Hand Crochetted Vintage Style iPhone Case


 iphone case

Here is my latest iPhone case. My mother and I are collaborating to turn it into a crochet pattern! I’ll have to crochet another one to test the pattern and make sure I didn’t leave anything out. If it turns out, I hope to sell it on Etsy and Ravelry. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to do that? Have you ever sold/put a crochet pattern on Ravelry or Etsy before? I would love any tips anyone has for me! This iPhone case is going with me  to the Bazaar next month, but I’m willing to sell it before then if anyone is interested. ;)

Vintage Style Crocheted iPhone Cases


 crochet iphone casesfall deer crochet iphone cases 048Hi everyone! Lately I’ve been a busy little bee crocheting these vintage style phone cases. :) I’m hoping to put them in the annual Christmas Bazaar in about 3 weeks. These pictured above are made for an iPhone, but I’ve made about the same amount for the smaller flip phone types. I would be making more, but my arm started hurting and I had to give it a break. :( As soon as my arm recoups I hope to make some more and add them to our shop! ;)

Skipper Butterfly~ Watercolor Painting


Skipper Butterfly

Hello everyone! I’m very glad to be blogging again! I’ve been away most of the summer and haven’t been doing my art like I wanted to. Here is my latest painting on a 140 lb. watercolor card, dimensions: 5″x6 7/8″ ( 12.7 x 17.4 cm).

I would like to turn this painting into a fine art print, but I’ve lost space on my free membership on fineartamerica.com

I will however make room for it upon request. Please contact me if interested in buying a print or the original. Thank you! :)

Egg Basket~ Hand Crochetted by Heather Stinnett


15egg1 002 15egg1 006I’m having a lot of fun crochetting egg baskets! This basket will hold 15 eggs! It has a green ribbon, and flower to match.  I’m selling it for $45.00 in our Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/202784259/egg-basket?ref=listing-shop-header-0

Screech Owl ~ Coffee and Watercolor Painting


Painting PrintsThis was a greeting card I did for my little sis’s birthday. I wasn’t sure what to do for her at first, but then I remembered that she likes owls. This is a coffee and watercolor mixed media painting. It can be bought as a Paper print, Acrylic print, Canvas print, Metal print,Greeting Card, and Phone Cases. If interested, please click on the picture above. Thank you!

Honey Bee~ Coffee Mixed Media Drawing


Honey Bee web

Happy Mothers Day!

I created this card for my Mom, calling her our Queen Bee!

I used coffee, Ink Pen, and Watercolor. This was a very fun and simple project. I’m starting to feel a series coming on… Bugs! What a brilliant idea! I’ll do a bug series!

Pro 31:28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.

Cottontail Rabbit~ Coffee Mixed Media Art


Art PrintsThis is my third Coffee painting that I’ve done recently. I think I will do at least a couple more. It’s been really fun! I hope to put this painting in the art gallery some time next month after the art show. This was created in Coffee, Watercolor and mixed media.

Please contact me if interested in the original. This picture is available as a fine art print, greeting card and cellphone case, just click on the picture above. Thank you for looking.

Screech Owl~ Coffee and Charcoal Mixed Media Painting



Screech Owl Here is another coffee painting/drawing that I recently finished. This sleepy little owl is in a cave, perched on it’s rocky interior. I have him available as a print below:Fine Art Prints
I’m hoping to place the original for sale in the Copper Horse Art Center and Gallery in Prairie City. Please contact me if interested. Thanks for looking!

Chipmunk~ Coffee Mixed Media Drawing



Here is one of my latest creations.  I used quite a few medias including : Coffee, Watercolor, Pastel, and Pen. I love the look of coffee, it creates a really cool texture and look. Hoping to do some more like this! The original of this hand painted greeting card is available for sale on our EtsyShop  just click on the photo or link. Thanks for looking! :)

This was painted on a 140 lb. watercolor card, dimensions: 5″x6 7/8″ ( 12.7 x 17.4 cm).

He’s also available as a fine art print  and phone case. Just click on the photo below.

Art Prints

Red Tailed Hawk~ Hand Painted Watercolor Greeting Card


Redtailed Hawk Here is my latest painting. I did it for one of my friends as a birthday card. She said that she likes Hawks, so I hope she likes it! :) This was a lot of fun to do!