Good Morning Monday! Graphic Novel A Plight for Cheese (Sneak Peak)


Source: Good Morning Monday! Graphic Novel A Plight for Cheese (Sneak Peak)

Work in Progress Friday~ Graphic Novel Cover Update~ A Plight for Cheese


Heather Stinnett:

Work in Progress Fridays. Graphic Novel Cover update.

Originally posted on The Art and Illustrations of Heather Stinnett:

A Plight4cheese WIPHappy Friday everyone! Here’s an update on the cover for my graphic novel, A Plight for Cheese. I still have a lot of work to do before it’s finished. I’m planning on adding at least three more characters.

When its finished, I’m hoping to open up a account. Its a place where people can sponsor artists and get exclusive behind the scenes work in progress pictures and read the graphic novel way before it’s released. It also helps to support the artist while they are creating the story. I’m hoping to gain some interest and get it traditionally published in the future. Thanks for joining me this week! Keep checking back to see more updates and find out when A Plight for Cheese will be released.

Plot Synopsis:

The holidays are here and that means the rats have their work cut out for them. As the turkey bakes in…

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Good Morning Monday! Graphic Novel Sneak peak ~A Plight for Cheese


Source: Good Morning Monday! Graphic Novel Sneak peak ~A Plight for Cheese

Meet Ambert…

Work in Progress Fridays~ A Plight for Cheese front cover sneak peek


Work in Progress Fridays. A Plight for Cheese front cover sneak peek.

Source: Work in Progress Fridays~ A Plight for Cheese front cover sneak peek

Latest Illustration on My New Blog


Heathers StudioCheck out my latest illustration on my new blog, heathersstudio. I’m very excited to show you all my  finished project titled, ‘Head in the Sand’. :D

Gentle ~ Watercolor Painting


Horse painting Here is one of my latest paintings that I created using watercolor. I really like horses I think they’re beautiful! But they’re one of the hardest things to draw! Even though I like horses, I wasn’t really into them; I liked pigs, miniature ponies, and dinosaurs! Hehe! What does that say about me? Oh well… I guess I’m weird.

Presenting My New Blog! Heather’s Studio


Heathers StudioI’ve decided to pursue illustrating! This is my new adventure, I’m very excited! I’m hoping to illustrate peoples books, custom blog banners and more! Please check out and subscribe to my new site at:

I’ll continue to post things on this blog as well, such as my regular paintings and drawings, but now I have a new place to go for working on illustrations! Thanks guys!

Edge of Eternity~ Novella by Shiree Walker ( Review)


Edge of EternityEdge of Eternity~ Novella by Shiree Walker

      I don’t normally review books but this was one that I had read recently and thought that I would share. This novella only cost$0.99 and was well worth the read! Shiree Walker is a good writer and kept me completely captivated! The story was written in present tense, so you feel like you are Emily going on the journey to find salvation. I couldn’t stop thinking about this book days after I read it! If you’re a fan of Pilgrim’s Progress like me,  you’ll want to read, Edge of Eternity. This book can be found on                                   

Book Synopsis:

         Inspired by The Pilgrim’s Progress, this modern take features a young woman, Emily Watson, who only expected to enjoy another carefree summer day before college. She had no idea it would be the last day of her life… A freak accident leaves her trapped in a dream world where she encounters her guardian angel. He sends her on a quest to find the answers she needs to save her soul from eternal punishment at the hands of Justice, the dark creature that pursues her. Her quest takes her through wolf infested woods, over an active volcano, and forces her to relive the sins of her past. Can she find the answers she needs, or is it already too late?

The Author of My Life ~ A Christian Poem


The Author of My Life ~ A Christian Poem.

by ~ The Thoughts of a Christian Teen.

This is a very inspiring and comforting poem. Thought I would share. :)

A Woman that Fears the Lord, She Shall be Praised


A woman that fears the Lord blog

Pro_31:30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

I painted this yesterday as a graduation card for my friend. She’s a good girl and I’m proud of her. Praying that God will continue to direct her path and help her to know what is his will for her.  I tried to make this damsel in my painting look similar to my friend. It was fun to try and find the right paints to match her hair color.