Mother’s Day Gifts


Find  unique gifts and hand painted cards for Mother’s Day at CottageMadeGifts on Etsy.

Jesus, My Friend – A Christian Poem and Message


Happy Resurrection Day! Here’s an awesome blog post by,

Jesus, My Friend – A Christian Poem and Message.

Chipmunk in Blackberry Bush~ Watercolor Painting


chipmunk in Blackberry Bush blog

Available as a Fine Art Print

I’m now finished with my painting! Soon I’ll need to frame it and get it ready for the Art Show next month. Hopefully I can get my deer painting finished in time as well. My new Sable brush, that I mentioned earlier, did a good job, although…it wasn’t the same size that I had before. I think perhaps I’ll order another in a smaller size some time. But other than that, it’s what finished my painting and I think it turned out well. :)

Finally Recieved My Sable Brush!


Waited almost a month for my Kolinsky Sable Brush to arrive. I just got it yesterday. I love these watercolor brushes! Now I can finish my Chipmunk painting! :D

I haven’t used it yet but it should be a good one! I’ll let you all know how well it works later. ;)

sablebrush 003 sablebrush 004 sablebrush 005

My Original Paintings Now in Our Etsy Shop! ~ Heather Stinnett



cottage made gifts etsy shop cottage made gifts etsy shop

I now have my original paintings and drawings in my Etsy shop, cottagemadegifts .

I’ll be adding more soon! ;)



Fawn~ Watercolor Painting in Progress


Watercolor Fawn 001 copyHere is my latest painting in progress.

I’m not quite finished with his fur yet. I’m hoping to put some foliage around him.

I’m still waiting for my special Sable Brush that I ordered last month, but now it says that it may not arrive until next month. Bummer! So my chipmunk painting that I had been working on, may be stalled for a while longer. :(

Hand Crocheted Purse



Hand Crochetted Purse

Hand Crochetted Purse

Here is one of my latest projects. I’ve been having a blast making crocheted purses! This one I gave to my sister. I put a blue ribbon around the flap and a cute, wooden button (which my sister picked out). :) Hoping to make some to sell some day. :D

Chipmunk in Blackberry Bush~ Watercolor Painting in Progress #2


chipmunk in progression 001 blog chipmunk in progression 002 blogHere is an update on my latest painting. I got the berries mostly done, they may need a touch up here and there, and I started working on the chipmunk. I’ll need to work on the leaves, and satisfy myself on the final details and then it will all be done! :) Unless I can make due with the brushes I already have, finishing it may be slow. My favorite sable brush through the years has been loved too hard, and is now out of shape, and the poor thing isn’t working right for me anymore. So last month I ordered a new one off of The bad thing is that it’s being shipped from Europe, so it’s not expected to get here until the 20th. :( Mean while, I’ll see what I can do with what I’ve got or work on another project while I’m waiting. :)

Fun at the Christmas Bazaar 2014


Hello everyone! I just thought that before the year was over that I would mention my time at the Christmas Bazaar. This was my first time ever selling at the Bazaar, so I was pretty excited! Down below are pictures of my inventory.

I had a portfolio filled with art for sale and a few prints and postcards out on display.  I was sharing the table with my friends, who was selling handmade soap and candy, so our table space was tight.

Sorry about the white streaks, there was sunshine pouring in my window.  My pictures also aren’t very good. :D

I’m happy to report that I sold a print while I was there, and some postcards!  :)

BazaarBazaar2People showed interest in my other things too, but the folks around there aren’t big spenders. I didn’t sell alot, but I had fun talking with the town’s people. I also enjoyed hanging out with my friends.

I would love to have a table at the Bazaar again!

Cottage Made Gifts ~Etsy Shop~ Year in Review


My family and I have enjoyed making different hand-crafted items for our little Etsy shop this year and last.

latest 021 il_570xN.554130823_iv1i anya bunny etsyelkmount1

These needle felted animals were made by my mom. She does such a good job! ( if I do say so myself) ;)

We’ve had our shop now for a whole year and 18 days! Woohoo!!! :) We weren’t sure what to expect our first year. We’re so thankful for the sales that we’ve made, and have had a pretty good experiance using Etsy.

etsycaseSeveral years ago, my uncle gave us some vintage Barbie dolls that he had found in the attack of an old house. Being too old to play Barbie Dolls now, we decided to sell them.

crochetted iphone cases cream 15egg1 002 Limited Edition Prints in Etsy

My items on Etsy consist of Giclee Prints, and Crochetted items.

nother tilford etsy ask 002My sister is a very gifted writer and specializes in children’s books. She illustrates them herself and has selfpublished 3 books so far! :D I’m so very proud of her, she really puts a lot of care and time into her stories and illustrations.

She also has a blog that I hope you’ll follow too! @:

I’m very happy with the oppertunity to sell our art online.

To all the other bloggers who have Etsy shops too, I hope you do well this next year! :)

Happy New Year!