Fun at the Christmas Bazaar 2014


Hello everyone! I just thought that before the year was over that I would mention my time at the Christmas Bazaar. This was my first time ever selling at the Bazaar, so I was pretty excited! Down below are pictures of my inventory.

I had a portfolio filled with art for sale and a few prints and postcards out on display.  I was sharing the table with my friends, who was selling handmade soap and candy, so our table space was tight.

Sorry about the white streaks, there was sunshine pouring in my window.  My pictures also aren’t very good. 😀

I’m happy to report that I sold a print while I was there, and some postcards!  🙂

BazaarBazaar2People showed interest in my other things too, but the folks around there aren’t big spenders. I didn’t sell alot, but I had fun talking with the town’s people. I also enjoyed hanging out with my friends.

I would love to have a table at the Bazaar again!


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