Work in Progress Friday~ Graphic Novel Cover Update~ A Plight for Cheese


Work in Progress Fridays. Graphic Novel Cover update.

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A Plight4cheese WIPHappy Friday everyone! Here’s an update on the cover for my graphic novel, A Plight for Cheese. I still have a lot of work to do before it’s finished. I’m planning on adding at least three more characters.

When its finished, I’m hoping to open up a account. Its a place where people can sponsor artists and get exclusive behind the scenes work in progress pictures and read the graphic novel way before it’s released. It also helps to support the artist while they are creating the story. I’m hoping to gain some interest and get it traditionally published in the future. Thanks for joining me this week! Keep checking back to see more updates and find out when A Plight for Cheese will be released.

Plot Synopsis:

The holidays are here and that means the rats have their work cut out for them. As the turkey bakes in…

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I'm a Christian artist who is hoping to pursue a career in art. Most of all I want God's will. :)

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