Work in Progress Friday~ A Plight for Cheese Graphic Novel Front Cover Finished!


Finished my book cover and started my Patreon account!

The Children's Books and Illustrations of Heather Stinnett

A Plight for Cheese Happy Friday everyone! I’m so excited to have finished the front cover of my graphic novel! I now have created my account and will be so happy to show my graphic novel’s progress from there in the future! I will keep updating here too, but may reserve a few exclusive art pics only for my patrons. 😉 I hope everyone will have patience with me as I am just learning how to work all of this out and am sure there will be a few bugs to fix along the way. But I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon enough! 😉 Thank you all for joining me and being a part of this adventure, I hope you’ll continue to stick with me and  take a peek at our page! Have a wonderful weekend!


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I'm a Christian artist who is hoping to pursue a career in art. Most of all I want God's will. :)

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