Happy New Year! 2015 Year in Review


Happy New Year! This is my year in review for 2015.

This year was very busy and full of new experiences both good and bad. This summer, Me and my family evacuated for the first time from our house, because of the wild fires that swept through our community; destroying many of our distant neighbors houses. We are very thankful that when we returned, our house was spared and our neighborhood was kept safe. Through different challenges that we faced this year, God was there through it all and keeps strengthening our faith every day. We just continue to turn and put our trust in Jesus. God has blessed us with the different tools and abilities to start our little shop on Etsy.com, and are having a lot of fun creating new things to put in it.

My New Year’s Resolution is to have a closer relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; following his will for my life and obeying his commands. And like everyone else, I want to lose the weight that I have put on during the Holidays!

I’m hoping that as we continue to make handmade things that we can eventually sell enough to make a living. I also hope to keep my illustration blog going and perhaps illustrate people’s stories, blog banners, etc… My other dream is to make graphic novels and finish illustrating my own story.

Thank you all for your encouraging support and sticking with me these years of blogging!

Wishing for a blessed New Year!



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  1. Heather, I always love seeing your beautiful posts! Enjoyed reading about your year and your walk with the Lord! He is so faithful and trustworthy! Blessings for 2016!

    • Blessings to you too Pam! Thank you! I always love seeing your posts too! I love that teal bedroom of yours and your dining room! Your place is so charming! And I love to see your artistic decorating! 😀