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progressive stages of artwork

Fawn~ Watercolor Painting in Progress


Watercolor Fawn 001 copyHere is my latest painting in progress.

I’m not quite finished with his fur yet. I’m hoping to put some foliage around him.

I’m still waiting for my special Sable Brush that I ordered last month, but now it says that it may not arrive until next month. Bummer! So my chipmunk painting that I had been working on, may be stalled for a while longer. 😦

Chipmunk in Blackberry Bush~ Watercolor Painting in Progress #2


chipmunk in progression 001 blog chipmunk in progression 002 blogHere is an update on my latest painting. I got the berries mostly done, they may need a touch up here and there, and I started working on the chipmunk. I’ll need to work on the leaves, and satisfy myself on the final details and then it will all be done! 🙂 Unless I can make due with the brushes I already have, finishing it may be slow. My favorite sable brush through the years has been loved too hard, and is now out of shape, and the poor thing isn’t working right for me anymore. So last month I ordered a new one off of The bad thing is that it’s being shipped from Europe, so it’s not expected to get here until the 20th. 😦 Mean while, I’ll see what I can do with what I’ve got or work on another project while I’m waiting. 🙂

Chipmunk in Blackberry Bush~ Watercolor Painting in Progress # 1


A New Painting for the New Year!

Here is one of my latest paintings I’m working on. Showing my sketch at the bottom and my finished background at the top. The top picture has a mask on the chipmunk and unfinished leaves. I hope to have it done sometime in January of 2015! 🙂

A big THANK YOU! to all of my followers for joining me this year!



Sunlit Poppies~ Watercolor Painting

Sunlit Poppies

Sunlit Poppies

This is a watercolor painting on 140 lb. Paper, dimensions:  16 1/8 in. x 12 1/8 in. This picture is in a gallery in Prairie City Oregon called, Copper Horse Art Center and Gallery. If you would like a print of this painting, please click on the link below:

Sell Art Online

Feel free to contact me for any questions concerning my art. Thanks for looking!

Poppies~ Watercolor Painting in Progress


Poppy painting in progress Poppy painting progress 004This post is long over due, but I haven’t worked on this picture for about a year. I’m trying to finish this painting in time for an Art Show. I hope I make it! Right now I’m working on the background, using the negative space technique. My goal is to get the background as dark as possible. Once I’ve finished the background, I’ll work on the other leaves. I’m using a hot press paper, it’s really neat. The paint seems to sit mostly on top of the paper instead of soaking in as much. The paper is really smooth. I’ve been able to wash over my background without disturbing the the last coat of paint too much. Towards the end I’ll finish my fence where the white lines are.

Illistrating My First Book~Secret Under the Apple Tree ~Adding Color

After outlining my sketch with pen, I added watercolor. The color is very vibrant! And the hard textured paper seems to cup it and hold it ( at least, that’s what I imagine its doing). 😉
I’m not sure what paint I’m using, because I got my pallet from an estate sale, which still had left over paint inside. But from the other paints I got from there, I figure its Winsor and Newton, or Grumbaucher. I never used those before, so I was very pleased at their quality! When your just starting out, you can’t afford expensive paints. I feel very blessed to have all the supplies I need now to create my illustrations!

Isecret under the apple tree blog painting 1 secret under the apple tree blog painting3 secret under the apple tree blog painting 2 secret under the apple tree blog painting 4

Illustrating My First Book “Secret Under the Apple Tree” by Heather Stinnett


This is my next adventure! I’m illustrating my story, Secret Under the Apple Tree. I’ve mentioned this on my about page, and now  I’ve started the expedition!  I’m very excited to be sharing this project with you!  I’m planning on self publishing it. I’ll let you know what company I use. This first illustration here will be my front cover. Any tips on illustrating or publishing would be very appreciated!

#1 Pencil Sketch

#1 Pencil Sketch

# 2 Tracing Sketch

# 2 Tracing Sketch and Transferring onto Watercolor Paper

Outlined with Pen

#3 Outlined with Pen on Watercolor Paper

secret under the apple tree blog sketch 3secret under the apple tree blog sketch 4I’m using my Micron pens, sizes .005 and .02 on Strathmore Alexis Watercolor Paper. The pen is showing up very rich and dark.

*Commission* Oldsmobile- Sketch in Progress Stage 1 and 2



This was a commission given to me around the end of last month. So far I’ve used Ink, colored pencils and Markers. Later I will add Pastel pencils for the final touch-ups and ground. I really appreciate the lady who commissioned me for this work, she’s been great to work for! 🙂

Tin Lizzy Ford- Sketch in Progress


Tin lizyHere is a sketch of the first stage of my next drawing. I hope to get it finished this week.

Old Ford Pickup- Mixed Media Drawing in Progress


fordpickup in progressHere are the progressive stages of my latest drawing. I will be drawing another older car model soon!

I used four different mediums, Faber Castell markers, .005 Micron pen, Drewent colored pencils, and
Generals pastel pencils.

The green is colored pencil. I used my markers for the darker areas. And pastels for the ground and touch ups here and there. I’ll post the finished product tomorrow.