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Miniature Painting ~Greeting Cards


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Give more than just a card this year. Buy a hand painted card instead so you’ll be giving your loved one a gift as well!

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Gentle ~ Watercolor Painting


Horse painting Here is one of my latest paintings that I created using watercolor. I really like horses I think they’re beautiful! But they’re one of the hardest things to draw! Even though I like horses, I wasn’t really into them; I liked pigs, miniature ponies, and dinosaurs! Hehe! What does that say about me? Oh well… I guess I’m weird.

Original Cottontail Rabbit~ Coffee Mixed Media Art


Art PrintsThis is my third Coffee painting that I’ve done recently. I think I will do at least a couple more. It’s been really fun! I hope to put this painting in the art gallery some time next month after the art show. This was created in Coffee, Watercolor and mixed media.

Please contact me if interested in the original. This picture is available as a fine art print, greeting card and cellphone case, just click on the picture above. Thank you for looking.

Fence Lizard~ Watercolor Painting


fence lizard

One summer day  we saw this little fellow basking on a sunny rock.Lizards are such cute little things, I’ve always like them.

This was painted on a 140 lb. watercolor card, dimensions: 5″x6 7/8″ ( 12.7 x 17.4 cm). I have it available down at the gallery in Prairie City.


Pine Squirrel~Watercolor Painting


Photography Prints

This was painted on a 140 lb. watercolor card, dimensions: 5″x6 7/8″ ( 12.7 x 17.4 cm)

Golden Mantle- Watercolor Painting


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I took a photo of this Golden Mantle earlier this spring. He was a cute little feller! In the background  I used negative painting for the grass. Faintly I placed hints of Huckleberries behind him.  I really enjoy working with water color.

Green Hummingbird-Watercolor Painting


Art Prints

This painting may seem simple enough, but I faced some challenging moments in it’s development. Watercolor is one of my favorite media’s to use. You can work with it and spread it in most of the areas you want before it drys. But if you don’t make sure it drys before applying another layer, it mixes in too much. As I paint I’m learning more through my mistakes. 😉

I’m a great color fan, and love most of the colors I put into this painting. The final touch was suggested to me by my Dad, who told me to add yellow to the background which tied in all the yellow that I had put into the flower and bird. He told me that the color of the background looked too cool and that the yellow would warm the colors up. And you know what? He was right! My Dad sure knows his stuff!

This was painted on a 140 lb. watercolor  card, dimensions: 5″x6 7/8″ ( 12.7 x 17.4 cm)

I am happy to announce, that the original of this painting has recently been sold!

Horse- With Charcoal and Coffee


I thought that I would try this technique that I had seen. I first took some coffee and poured it on my paper. I then spread it around and dried it. After it was dry, I drew my horse with charcoal pencils. The background helped me envision where my horse would be placed. This was very fun and so easy! I think everyone should give it a try! 😉