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Hand Carved Birds Nest Necklace


I love this necklace so much! I almost wish we weren’t selling it! It was hand carved by my Dad and assembled by my Mom. I love the look of his handmade egg beads at the top, they look so classic! As you can tell, this is one of my personal favorites! 😉 The other beads are made out of natural Cottonwood.

This necklace can be found in our Etsy shop at: Cottage Made Gifts


1940′s Style Hand Crocheted Purple Beaded Tuck-A-Way Shopping Tote Bag


Here is my latest bag.  It reminds me of Huckleberry ice-cream! I really like it! 🙂 It’s available in our Etsy shop! These bags tuck a way into a very cute ball through a cinch in the bottom of the bag so you can easily take it with you every where you go.  I’ll be taking a break from bag making for a little while. My arm has been getting sore. 😉 Thanks for looking, check out our shop: Cottage Made Gifts

hucklepurse 006 hucklepurse 007 hucklepurse 008 hucklepurse 012 hucklepurse 013 hucklepurse 017