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A New Tool and My Newest Digital Drawing



My Lovely family has pitched in and has helped me buy my¬† very own laptop! I’m very excited as this will really help me create digital art. I’m hoping to create graphic novels and this laptop will hopefully help speed up production! My other blog is where I am sharing most of my digital work. I forgot to show my latest picture called, No Greater Love. Its a tract I made for Valentines Day. Feel free to share it! I’m so happy to have this new laptop and hope to start creating a whole bunch of art! Thank you all for joining me! Have a wonderful week!



Jesus, My Friend – A Christian Poem and Message


Happy Resurrection Day! Here’s an awesome blog post by, Zealofthesaints.wordpress.com.

Jesus, My Friend – A Christian Poem and Message.

Holy Bible- Watercolor Painting


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I was inspired to paint a Bible. I hope that it will mean something to someone and will bless them in a very special way. The scripture tells of God’s awesome Love, Mercy and Power; His desires for His children and what He expects from them. He only wants His creation to believe on His Son Jesus Christ, (who died to pay the penalty for our sins), to follow Him, and obey His commandments of Love, Peace, and Righteousness. To those who remain steadfast in faith and love towards God will be given eternal life in Heaven.