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Hand Carved Starfish~ Necklace


I’m so excited to have this Starfish pendant finished! It was my first 3D carving, and was a lot of work to make. I carved little pearls all around it and a shell in the middle. It’s accented with lovely beads in the colors, green blue, brown and purple! The  starfish itself is in lovely colors of green and teal.

This necklace is available in our Etsy shop at: stinnettstudio.etsy.com

Thanks for looking!


Pearls and Silk-Watercolor Painting


Photography Prints

With this painting, I was trying out a loose style of watercolor. Leaving white edges and an almost puddled look. I didn’t go into much detail. I painted this on a card, so the puddles and brush strokes might look large.

This was painted on a 140 lb. watercolor  card, dimensions: 5″x6 7/8″ ( 12.7 x 17.4 cm)